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“It’s all pretty simple. Every one of us wants to eat right and live a happy, healthy life. It’s hard though, especially in a world surrounded by fast food, hydrogenated oils, food additives and preservatives.”– Chef Kristi Church

That’s why we founded Mogollon Moose Bakery. Everything in our bakery/cafe is created with love from scratch by Executive Chef Kristi Church and team daily. Our goal is to bring healthier meal options to our home town of Payson, Arizona and provide food that people will feel good about eating!

Did you know there’s a huge pipeline of Alaska-Arizonan’s? Well there is, I’m one of them. My name is Kristi Church, Executive Chef, Owner and Creator of Yum at MM. I left Arizona when I was 19 and moved to Alaska….and stayed exactly 20 years finally earning my beloved new title of Alaska Sourdough (one is simply a Cheechaco until you live there 20 years!) before I needed to move back to Arizona.

During the last 9 years back, I’ve met a lot of Alaska-Arizonan’s and we tend to have a lot in common. For starters, we’re rebels; we all like extremes (thus the extreme temps!) and we all LOVE strong coffee! That’s why when we were in the planning stages of our bakery we wanted to feature Fair Trade certified, Alaska Kaladi Brothers Coffee in our Bakery at Mogollon Moose. Those that have lived in Alaska know KBC. Fortunately, we found a local Rim Country roaster that has a passion for their coffee and after a few meetings were able to come up with a special roast just for us! Read all about our coffee program here. Even our Alaskans will be happy they can come and get a fresh cup of this delicious coffee – and feel at home!

Stop by and taste it for yourself… it really is amazing!

Oh My Goodness! I hear it all the time, how are you going to maintain that 175lb weight loss baking all those treats?!? Well, that’s simple. Let me explain.

The flour and sugar we buy in the store today are not the same flour and sugar our grand parents and great grand parent bought. Throughout the years they’ve been over processed and genetically modified to be more efficiently grown, packaged and sold. Thus contributing to the rise of so many health issues in recent years such as celiac disease, insulin resistance, diabetes and cancer.

It took me a year, but I cut out all the white carbs, reduced my daily meal portion sizes and started moving–and have lost a total of 175lbs. I have been very careful NOT to put foods in my mouth that would prevent me from reaching my weightloss goal. It’s taken a great deal of self control….and then I thought to myself “how can I live the rest of my life and NOT enjoy a yummy treat?!?” I’m telling you, I have an incredible sweet tooth!

So I educated myself. I went on a journey to find wholesome ways to create the goodies that I love and that I don’t have to sacrifice my self worth in order to enjoy.

I started baking gluten free and gluten lite. Now, not all items in our bakery are made without wheat flour – but the majority of them are. Some things you still can’t replicate with a GF flour and I’ll take this one step further. Gluten and I have a love-hate relationship. I absolutely hate to love it, but I do! With it, cakes are fluffier, breads are thick and moist. Gluten is something a baker can almost NOT live without!

Until now.

So, on our items that we are Gluten Lite (GL), we use spelt flour. If you’d like to learn more about what that is, I’ve written a blog on it and you can read it here. Spelt flour is our house flour and we use it for many of our baked goods. There’s a lot of controversy around whether spelt flour is actually gluten free. I’ll tell you, my body doesn’t react to it like it does regular wheat flour. Most people who are GF can tolerate spelt flour just fine – and it’s a favorite of mine for baking.

Mogollon Moose has come up with our own gluten free flour blend. We use quinoa flour, brown rice flour, tapioca flour, coconut flour, almond flour and even hazelnut flour in a lot of our recipes. Sometimes all of them, sometimes just a few. We haven’t found a GF flour on the market that we’re happy with yet – so we just opted to make our own!

We also use local farm fresh eggs from Toads Farm in Tonto Basin and also from Amy in Strawberry, organic sugars, pure vanilla and REAL butter in our recipes. We also follow the dirty dozen philosophy when sourcing our ingredients. It’s exciting to be able to offer wholesome goodness that everyone can enjoy! Now if only I could take the calories out… hmmmmmmm…….. 🙂

You’ll find our GF and GL items marked accordingly in our bakery. They’ll be treats you’ll feel good about eating simply because they’re better for you than the donut shop down the street!

Our goal is to support local as much as possible. We WILL source from local farms and vendors that are also on a mission for wholesome goodness from farm to table.

This thought process goes back to respecting the ingredients and how they react in the body. At Mogollon Moose, we want to be part of the sustainable food movement and provide delicious healthy salads, soups and sandwiches with minimally processed ingredients. It’s honest, simple and supports local growing initiatives.

Food is love, it’s comfort. It’s gratifying while at the same time food can be healing. Every bite should be enjoyed. We often times get lost while we eat not even tasting the food we put in our mouths. We’re busy and multi-task. We often eat on the run and before you know it, that sandwich you sat down and ate is gone! It’s hard to find the time for a good meal.

My thought is….

The food we eat should be so delicious that is commands our full attention and makes us stop and give recognition and gratitude for the yumminess that we’re eating. That’s the kind of food I want to bring to your table at our bakery. The kind that makes you “mmmmmmmmm” with every  bite while also feeding your body with all the goodness it deserves.

Cruciferous veggies, super foods, nuts, seeds, grains and other wholesome ingredients. Take a look at our menu and see what we have to offer… we’d love to serve you something that’ll make you go “mmmmmm”!


``Fresh food is the gift of nature. When you treat nature well, it gives you the gift of great food.`` --Dan Barber, Blue Hill Farms