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Healthy, Honest Food.



  • 4.50
    This is a special bowl that we adore! Quinoa, Steel Cut Oats, Nuts, Fruit and Splash of Cream and Cinnamon.
  • 8.00
    Your choice of quiche or sandwich; comes with a side of roasted potatoes.
  • 8.50
    Roasted sweet potato hash with black forbidden rice, quinoa, feta, kale, spinach and green onion topped with 2 over medium eggs and sriracha.
  • 6.50
    Acai, Green Goddess or Simply Berry. All served with seasonal fruit and nut toppings.
  • 4.00
    Flavors available: Prosciutto, Asparagus, & Tomato, Vegetable & Cheese with Criss-Cross Bacon or  Seasonal Veggie
  • 6.50
    Green Goddess, Berry Sunrise, PB Power. 16oz.
  • 4.50
  • 4.75
  • 4.50
    Plain or Honey Yogurt, Fresh Seasonal Berries or Fruit, Flax, Hemp and Chia Seeds drizzled with honey. 20+g of Protein in THIS bowl of deliciousness!
  • 4.50
  • 3.75
    With Choice of Cream Cheese, Butter or Daily Selection of house-made schmears

Baked Goods

Daily Selections Vary - Get them before they're gone!

  • Lemon Thyme Shortbread, Iced Sugar, Goji Berry Oatmeal w/Spiced Ginger Mascarpone Drizzle, Classic Chocolate Chip Gluten Lite means they are made with Spelt Flour rather than regular wheat flour. While Spelt is considered an ancient grain, it's also higher in protein and balances the carb load of the cookie which helps make these cookies lower on the anti-inflammatory index than others.
  • Classic Blueberry, Apple Cinnamon Crisp, Honey Flax & Chia, Cinnamon Streusel, Banana Nut, Zucchini Flax & Raisin Bran, Peanut Butter Power, Bacon Cheddar Corn Muffin, Lemon Poppy Seed, Chocolate Chip, Pumpkin Hemp and Spice (fall-winter)
  • Our bars are Gluten Free or Gluten Lite, so anyone can savor a sweet treat every now and then! Who doesn't love a buttery shortbread crust? We do and you will too when you taste our delicious Citrus Lemon Shortbread Bar. Our Flourless Fudge Brownie is absolutely to die for and we wouldn't want you to miss trying our Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar, Cranberry Oatmeal, Chocolate Cream Cheese, Lemon Raspberry or Spiced Pecan Bar either. Daily selections vary... Get them quick! When they're gone, they're gone!
  • Cinnamon Goat Cheese Crumb, Zucchini and Flax, Lemon-Thyme Poppy Seed Loaf, Banana Nut Chia Streusel, Raspberry Coconut Muffin Loaf, Blueberry Cornmeal Skillet Cake --all so moist and delicious!
  • Brie & Pear with Prosciutto, Ham - Swiss & Roasted Tomato, Bacon - Cheddar & Chive, Basil & Parmesan, Berries & Cream, Blueberry, Cinnamon Sticks, Raspberry Rosemary -- Sweet or Savory - and All to Love!! Our Scones are the BEST! They're made with half and half so they're always moist and delicious!
  • For starters, we aren't cake decorators. We're cake creators. There's no fondant going on around here. Our cakes are rustic and beautiful. But most of all they're tasty! We go the extra mile to bake you a better cake that you will simply swoon over.   Here's some of our favorite House Layered Cakes: 
    • Black Forest Chocolate Cherry with Mascarpone Dutch Cacao Cream
    • Fluffy Buttermilk Strawberry with Vanilla Bean Cream
    • Devils Food with Chocolate Buttermilk Frosting
    • Old Fashioned Pink Champagne Cake with Fluffy Strawberry Cream
    • Southern Hummingbird Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
    • Fluffy Coconut on Coconut Cream
    • Hippity Hoppity Carrot Cake with Creamy Cream Cheese Frosting
    • Tastes Like Wedding Cake - White Cake with Creamy Delicious White Cream Frosting
      Our Decadent Dessert Cakes:
    • White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake
    • Triple Decker Chocolate Mogollon Moose Cake (This is a brownie, mousse and cream cake! - YUM!)
    • Raspberry Yogurt Cheese Custard Cake
    • Key Lime White Chocolate Mousse Cake
    • Tres Leches Cake
    • Eggnog Bourbon Cake
    • Italian Cream Cake
      Daily selections vary, special orders are always welcome!  Our cakes are all made from scratch, with wholesome ingredients. You won't find any cake stabilizers or enhancers added to preserve freshness. You won't find artificial ingredients or colorants. What you will find is real butter, pure vanilla, fresh milled flour and the best eggs we can find to give you the most delicious fluffy cake you'll ever lay your lips on. Any color we need to add will come from pure beet extracts or from the pure source itself.  It's much better for you and that sets us apart from other bakeries.
  • Best Ever Devil's Food Fudge, Pure Almond Joy, Old Fashioned Quinoa Peanut Butter, Fudge Chocolate Chip, Salted Caramel White Chocolate Macadamia - can anyone say "AHHHH-mazing?!?"
  • Mom's Cherry Pie, Incredible Coconut Cream Pie, Apple Crisp Gallette, Black and Blue Coppi, Strawberry Rhubarb Slap Pie, Upside-Down Caramel Apple Tart, Blueberry-Blackberry-Strawberry Skillet Cobbler, Summer Berry Hand Pie, Chocolate Cream Hand Pie -- Daily Selections Vary!
  • Lemon Olive Oil Coffee Cake with Lemon Thyme Glaze, Golden Flax & Berry - Corn Coffee Cake with Spiced Ginger Drizzle, Almonds and Hemp Seeds, Blood Orange Loaf Cakelettes with Citrus Glaze and Chia Seeds. Gluten Lite means they are made with Spelt Flour rather than regular wheat flour. While Spelt is considered an ancient grain, it’s also higher in protein and balances the carb load of the coffee cake which helps make these lower on the anti-inflammatory index than others.


  • 7.50
    Served on Whole Grain Nut and Seed Bread with Cucumber, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Provolone and Hummus. GF Bread is available for an up charge.
  • 9.00
    Classic Chicken Salad Served on a Croissant with Sliced Tomato, Sliced Red Onions, Lettuce and Bacon
  • 9.50
    Soup of the Day paired with your choice of Half Cold Sandwich
  • 7.50
    Classic chicken salad taken up a notch. This is a thick Chicken Salad Sandwich mixed with our custom blend of Seasoned Mayo, Red Onions & House Roasted Pecans served on delicious Whole Grain Nut and Seed Bread. GF Bread is available for an up charge.
  • 7.50
    This is the classic, delicious egg salad you grew up with. Served on Whole Grain Nut and Seed Bread with Eggs, Mayo, Dijon Mustard, Dill, Green Onions, Salt & Pepper. GF Bread is available for an up charge.


  • 11.50
    Mixed Greens, Asparagus, Oven Roasted Pecans, Goat Cheese, Red Onion, Heirloom Tomatoes and Ground Flax, Topped with Sliced Roasted Chicken and House-made Balsamic Vinaigrette.
  • 11.00
    Soup of the Day paired with your choice of Half Salad and Bread with Butter
  • 11.50
    Comes with Bread
  • 11.00
    Lacinato Kale Crunch Salad with Brussels Sprouts, Shaved Red Cabbage and Carrots, Bacon Pieces, Dried Cranberries, Red Onions, Heirloom Tomatoes, Shaved Parmesan, Hemp Seeds, Pine Nuts & Lemon Vinaigrette. Add Sliced Roasted Chicken $2.50.
  • 11.00
    Lacinato Kale with Shaved Brussels Sprouts, Red Cabbage and Carrots, Chopped Sweet Apples, Toasted Cashews, Heirloom Tomatoes, Red Onions, Feta, House-made Apricot Vinaigrette, Topped with Sliced Roasted Chicken and Chia Seeds.
  • 8.50
    Spring Mix, Cucumbers, Red Onions, Carrots, & Heirloom Tomatoes. Comes with your choice of House-made Vinaigrette. Add Sliced Roasted Chicken $2.50.


  • 4.50
    Quinoa, Black Beans, Corn, Cucumber, Pear, Tomatoes, Red Onions with Garlic Feta Vinaigrette.
  • 4.95
    Comes with Bread
  • 10.50
    Comes with your choice of Garden Salad and Bread with Butter.
  • 4.75
    Choice of House Hummus and a Selection of Seasonal Veggies
  • 4.50
    Lacinato Black Kale, Apple, Shaved Brussels Sprouts, Red Onion, Carrot, with Sweet & Spicy Lemon Vinaigrette
  • 4.50
    One bite and you'll be mystified and in disbelief of how flavorful and delicious this side dish really is! Gluten Free Quinoa Pasta, Peas, Red Onions, Cubed Cheddar, Olives, & Garlic Dill Aioli
  • 4.50
    With Choice of House-made Vinaigrette.
  • 2.25

Sides to Go

  • 4.75
  • 8.50
    House hummus with toasted crostini bread for two.
  • 4.75
  • 4.75
    These are our 3 House Selections. Try one or a combo of all three!

Paninis and Toasted Sandwiches

  • 10.50
    Oven Roasted Chicken Breast, Provolone, Havarti, Basil Pesto, Sliced Tomato and Sliced Red Onions.
  • 10.50
    Oven Toasted on a Garlic Dill Buttered Baguette with Oven Toasted Beef, Genoa Salami, Sharp Cheddar, Havarti, Sliced Tomato, Sliced Red Onion.
  • 10.50
    Oven Roasted Honey Ham with Bacon, Swiss Cheese and Lettuce on a Garlic Buttered Baguette.